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EP banner (2)Welcome to the Estuary Press Blog where you can find posts about the large and diverse content collections produced over the last 60 years by Harvey and Alice Richards as film makers; by Nina Serrano as a writer, dramatist, film maker and radio producer; and from Paul Richards as a publisher, video producer and writer.  The Estuary Press blog presents news about our books, videos, web sites, photos, poetry and radio broadcasts as we celebrate the history and support the present struggles of the movements for social justice, peace and a healthy planet going on today around the globe.


Nina Serrano YouTube Video Channel

Estuary Press Videos Featured on Nina Serrano YouTube Channel As the Paul Richards/Estuary Press YouTube channel approaches 400,000 views, Estuary Press has launched a new channel, the Nina Serrano YouTube Channel featuring inspirational videos of her poetry performances, her interviews on theater … Continue reading

Nicaragua Way Reviews

Nicaragua Way Reviews Here are Nicaragua Way reviews by readers of Nina Serrano’s romance historical novel. By Sheila Jordan Fighting depression after the loss of an election sounds familiar to today’s landscape. Something similar frames the plot of Nina Serrano’s … Continue reading

Up the Dammed River

The Klamath River 2016 by Paul Richards Up the Dammed River: Water Is Life Up the Dammed River explores the many challenges faced by the Klamath river as the time to remove four dams owned by Pacificorps in northern California grows … Continue reading

Videos for Libraries Available at Kanopy

1960s Videos for Libraries Estuary Press video catalog of the films of Harvey Richards is available to public libraries and educational institutions through Kanopy. Kanopy offers “Thoughtful Entertainment” videos for libraries nationally and around the world. Estuary Press has joined a … Continue reading

Chicken Made of Rags, Musical for Children

The Chicken Made of Rags CD, a Musical for Children $9.99 from Estuary Press Story by Nina Serrano and music by Phil Serrano From the CD jacket: Notes by Camilo Landau: The story of The Chicken Made of Rags is a family … Continue reading

Napoleon and Gorbachev: Part 2, The End of a Socialist Empire

The End of a Socialist Empire by Paul Richards Russian Revolution Ends When I was a student studying and making some history at UC Berkeley in the 1960s, and my father, Harvey Richards (1912-2001), was filming our demonstrations, I asked … Continue reading

The Story of Ethel and Julius Rosenberg in Bryan, Texas

Bryan High School to Perform the Play, November, 2016 Bryon Texas High School will perform the Story of Ethel and Julius Rosenberg by Nina Serrano,  Paul Richards, and Judith Binder, forty years after it was written and performed in the … Continue reading

Napoleon and Gorbachev: Reflections on the End of a Revolution

Napoleon and Gorbachev: Reflections on the End of a Revolution by Paul Richards Part I: Revolution and Change  The two greatest revolutions in western history were the French Revolution and the Russian Revolution. They ended old worlds and started new … Continue reading

Richards Family Tree

Richards Family Tree The Richards Family Tree information in the Richards Cousins Web Site on the Richards geneology page has been organized into a graphical family tree summary which you can see in the graphic on this blog post. Click on it to go to … Continue reading

Nicaragua Way, a Novel by Nina Serrano

Nicaragua Way Available as eBook and Paperback  $15.99 from Amazon, $5.99 eBook $15.99 from Estuary Press Nicaragua Way, a novel by Nina Serrano, tells the story of Lorna Almendros, a San Francisco Nicaraguan-American poet, passionately engaged in supporting revolutionary struggles in … Continue reading