Richards Family Tree

Richards Family Tree The Richards Family Tree information in the Richards Cousins Web Site on the Richards geneology page has been organized into a graphical family tree summary which you can see in the graphic on this blog post. Click on it to go to … Continue reading

Nicaragua Way, a Novel by Nina Serrano

Nicaragua Way Available as eBook and Paperback  $15.99 from Amazon, $5.99 eBook $15.99 from Estuary Press Nicaragua Way, a novel by Nina Serrano, tells the story of Lorna Almendros, a San Francisco Nicaraguan-American poet, passionately engaged in supporting revolutionary struggles in … Continue reading

Protesting Nuclear Testing, 1962

Everyman I, 1962: Peace Was Its Mission Rummaging through some old files, I stumbled upon the drawing of Everyman I, artist unknown. Good time to recall the events of Spring, 1962 when the boat was launched and sailed into the … Continue reading

Nicaragua Way, A Novel by Nina Serrano

Nicaragua Way: An International Novel of Love and Revolution set in the 1980s Forthcoming from Estuary Press, Spring,  2016 Nicaragua Way tells the story of Lorna Almendros, a San Francisco Nicaraguan-American poet, passionately engaged in supporting revolutionary struggles in Latin America … Continue reading

Warriors Break the Mold

Millionaires at Play Sports commentary is not my thing, except to read and enjoy it. However, in this case, I have to comment as the Golden State Warriors are breaking the mold and creating a new kind of basketball which … Continue reading

Filling San Francisco Bay, Then and Now

From Landfill to Wetlands, 1969 to 2015 Filling San Francisco Bay in 1969 was legal and advancing rapidly. Cities and corporations dumped everything from municipal garbage to auto junkyards into the San Francisco Bay. Cities and corporations had plans, approved … Continue reading

The Left Side is My Side

A Review of Kristen Ghodsee’s “The Left Side of History” by Paul Richards, PhD. If Alice Richards were still alive today, she would have loved Kristen Ghodsee’s book, The Left Side of History: World War II and the Unfulfilled Promise of … Continue reading

Historical Images of 1960s Protests

Harvey Richards Media Archive Photos and Videos As an independent local archive of historical images of 1960s protests, Estuary Press offers the Harvey Richards Media Archive with online access to twenty-two videos and hundreds of images. Throughout the 1960s, it was a … Continue reading

Estuary Press 1960s Archival Images Newsletter

Explore Radical Dissent in the 1960s Free Rental of Any Video in the Archive by Signing up Now Estuary Press now offers the 1960s Archival Images Newsletter (Quarterly) to provide viewers with information about the Harvey Richards Media Archive (HRMA) … Continue reading

Estuary Press New Video Channel

Rent or Buy Videos on Demand Worldwide Our New Video Channel For the first time, Harvey Richards’ primary source documentary films from the 1960s and 1970s are available for viewing anywhere in the world. Through the creation of the Harvey … Continue reading