Nina Serrano’s Poetry eBooks Offer More

Heart’s Journey: Poetry eBook with an Internet Window

Woman, drawing by Nina Serrano. From Heart's Journey, Selected Poems 1980-1999.

Woman, drawing by Nina Serrano. From Heart’s Journey, Selected Poems 1980-1999.

Reading poetry is different from reading fiction or non fiction. Poems offer words as windows into art and feelings. As we all rush around in this ever accelerating world, we often leave our feelings behind, unable to keep them in our awareness under the pressures of everyday life. Reading fiction and non fiction is often a way to stop the world for a moment and indulge in a brief rest, to allow our tensions to unwind, our souls to catch up with us. Poetry can do the same while going even further. Poetry challenges us to hear the poet’s voice, to pierce the veil of appearances and see deeper meanings that words convey and that are so elusive in our work a day world.

Poetry in ebooks offers us something that we can grasp in those brief moments throughout the day when the rushing around turns into the hurry up and wait times that mark city life. Or those times on computer when your focus blurs from overdoses of stimuli coming from the fast moving screens. Or travel times when all you have with you is your phone or tablet.

But when you need poetry, when your soul longs for the expression that poetry provides, poetry ebooks are there and can take you on a journey within the internet that never existed before. Nina Serrano’s Heart’s Journey, Selected Poems 1980-1999 is such a book offering poems from an era of the author’s life that light up our past with poetic lamp posts.  As an ebook, it also contains endnotes and hyperlinks that instantly transport you to documents and web sites that open history to reveal the hallmarks of our past that now shape our future. The Heart’s Journey print book has the same notes but the ebook gives instant access (click or touch the screen and you are there) to those notes and documents that can take you on a dazzling journey of the mind that used to take months and years to happen using traditional research methods.  Moreover, the ebook table of contents links allow you instantly to surf through the book in any order you want, to go back and forth, to enlarge fonts, expand pages and customize the book into your personal vehicle of inspiration.  Our nostalgia for the printed page, the smell of paper books, the feel of a learned volume should not prevent us from grasping the new possibilities offered by electronic media. It is not “Either, or.”  It is “Yes, and.”  We can have both.  Poetry ebooks offer more and Heart’s Journey is one such book.

Heart’s Journey as an ebook also offer an affordable price ($4.99) compared to the print book ($24.00, list but on sale now at $13.78).  The 54 drawings by Nina Serrano in the book are beautiful in the ebook, surpassing even the color printing on white paper of the print version. So, buy it now!buynowbutton

City of Brotherly Love

May 16, 1985

Philadelphia bombed
by her own police
A Black neighborhood of course
60 households homeless today
11 people dead
The mayor’s name is Goode
But he is bad

1985, Oakland, Endnote 17
© Nina Serrano

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