Stop Monsanto March and Poem by Nina Serrano

Free the Seed and Stop Monsanto

On May 25, 2013, the March Against Monsanto started off with a Rally at Clinton Park at 6th Ave and International Boulevard, in Oakland, California.  Nina Serrano recited her peom “Stop Monsanto”.  Oakland’s march was one of 24 in the state of California and one of thousands of marches in 54 countries around the world.  Our rally featured several speakers and other poets.  It was a positive wonderful day.  Picking up where Occupy Oakland left off, we marched into the streets without permits or police escorts and walked down International Blvd. to Lake Merritt.  Then, we turned right, went along the lake to the park next to the Library and had another rally with more speakers.  When the march reached the Lakeshore Farmer’s Market, the vendors and patrons smiled and applauded.

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