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Rent it: You can rent the video on a video player app or by streaming it. You don’t need a broadband connection to rent the video. An app is provided for free when you click on the Video Rental button above to rent the film.  For those who have a big broadband connection, you can stream a film through Amazon Instant Video (US 48 states only) or, worldwide, through the free app without downloading.

Stream on Amazon: If you have an account on Amazon, you can rent the film on Amazon instant Video. The price is the same ($1.99) for a seven-day rental. The film is available on Amazon for streaming in the 48 states of the US only. Downloads are not available on Amazon.

Buy it: You can download the film and view it on the app’s video player. Buying a download puts the film on your device so you can watch it anytime. The app installs a player on your device on which all of your purchased videos sit. You open the player and click on the video to play it. Viewing a downloaded video does not require streaming, although it is available for streaming also if you have the necessary bandwidth.

Institutional License: Institutional licensing is available for academic institutions and libraries. You can choose one or any number of videos to add to your collections. Contact Us to inquire.

Buy DVD Now: When you click on the Buy DVD Now button, you go to the Buy DVD page. Choose whether you are buying as an individual for personal use, or you are buying for an institution for use with audiences. Then click on the Add to Cart botton to go to check out for payment.

Learn More:  You can learn more about the video by reading about it on the Harvey Richards Media Archive. You can watch a short preview clip from Warning Warning free. The preview video is on the bottom of the Warning Warning page, so scroll down to find it. The preview video is also available when you click the Video Rental Button and the Download to Own button. And you can purchase the DVD from Estuary Press.

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