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1966, Redwood City, California. Photo by Harvery Richards

Estuary Press now offers the 1960s Archival Images Newsletter (Quarterly) to provide viewers with information about the Harvey Richards Media Archive (HRMA) and to help explore specific topics that the Archive covers. It is available free to subscribers only. The first issue (Spring, 2015) focuses on videos and photo images about Civil Rights in the 1960’s. Read on to find out more and sign up for the Newsletter here.



Newsletter email graphic cropThe HRMA has materials relevant to a wide variety of people and interests. Teachers, librarians, students, writers, video producers, and media and book publishers of all kinds have used images from the Archive. Activists and veterans of the 1960s California farm workers union movement, the peace and civil rights movements, and their families, have found inspiration and insights from the photos of people who stood up for peace and justice. Ecologically aware people concerned about our planet have drawn from the archival images of the deforestation of the west coast old growth redwood forests and the images showing the impact of tunnel and open pit mining on people and the earth. Socialists and anti-capitalist viewers have explored the 1961 images of women and children in the Soviet Union.

Over the last three years, the HRMA website has grown into a large and complex resource with over 1000 digital images and 22 documentary videos.  Content is organized into dozens of photo galleries, and documentary video pages and posts on each film, including preview videos, short descriptions, and some historical background about how each film was made, along with links to Estuary Press Store pages where rentals, streaming and downloads are available. Navigating the site can be time-consuming and daunting. The Newsletter breaks it down by subject, providing you with links to the main content pages and posts, some samples of what is on the site, and news about the Archive.

Estuary Press and the Harvey Richards Media Archive are independent media websites that bring critical, radical content from our history to educators and activists today. Without the world wide web, these images and videos would most than likely languish in obscurity, gathering dust in forgotten basements or attics, or in the dark recesses of library archives available only to scholars with the time and money to dig through the labyrinths of the past. For me, as the son of the filmmaker and a veteran of the struggles that took place so many decades ago, the Estuary Press and HRMA websites and Newsletter are an offering to current generations now facing the same obstacles, and even worse problems, than those that brought about the upsurge of protest and radical change associated with the 1960s. If you are interested in this aspect of our past and have concerns about these issues in today’s world, then subscribing to the Newsletter might be for you. To encourage you to subscribe, Estuary Press is offering a free rental of any video in the collection. The link to the free video is on the Newsletter once your subscribe.

To learn more about the Archive and support our efforts to bring our proud history of critical protest to current generations, subscribe to the newsletter now and share this post to anyone you think might be interested. Thank you.


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