Harvey Richards Amazon Prime Videos

High Definition Videos now online 22 films Converted from 16 mm film to HD videos Harvey Richards Videos on Amazon Prime are a click away. I converted the original films to high definition video last year (2019), but did not … Continue reading

Freedom Movement 1963 Instant Video

Watch Freedom Bound and Freedom March Now           Freedom Movement 1963 presents two films in one Amazon Instant Video. The two films by Harvey Richards are: Freedom Bound (27 min., 1963, Mississippi) and Freedom March (10 min., … Continue reading

Braceros and Breadlines Instant video

Watch Braceros and Breadlines Now The Harvesters and Uno Veintecinco       Braceros and Breadlines presents a double feature of films by Harvey Richards about California farm workers in the early 1960’s. The Harvesters (1960) tells the story of … Continue reading