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You can watch any video the Documentary Video Store on your, computer, tablet, or smart phone right now as video on demand. All videos are available as DVDs as well. Click on the video you want to watch below to take you to Estuary Press selection page where you can rent it or buy it. Online licensing for academic institutions and libraries is also available by clicking on the Institutional License button on each video page. The videos are presented below in five sections: Civil Rights Videos, Peace Movement Videos, California Farm Worker Videos, Environmental Videos, and Soviet Union Videos.

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Digital videos on demand are delivered to your device when you rent or buy them. When you select the video you want in the above display, you go to the video ordering page for that film. Select the manner of delivery that you want. Pay with a credit card on paypal. The video is then delivered or accessible for streaming on your device.

DVDs are ordered through Estuary Press. Select “Buy DVD Now” button on the video ordering page to add the video to your shopping cart. That takes you to PayPal where you pay with a credit card. DVDs are sent USPS Priority Mail upon receipt of payment. If you don’t want to use paypal or a credit card, you can follow the directions below to order DVDs.

Send $35 (for individuals) plus $15.00 shipping and handling within the U.S. to Estuary Press, 472 Skyline Drive, Vallejo, CA 94591. Be sure to specify which DVD(s) you want, a mailing address, and an email address and/or phone number. If you are outside the US, postage is $13.00. The institutional rate for DVD purchase is $150 plus $6.00 shipping and handling within the US.

About Estuary Press: Estuary Press is the publisher of Nicaragua Way by Nina Serrano and Heart Suite, a trilogy of three books of poetry by Nina Serrano. It is also the home of the Harvey Richards Media Archive, a repository of photography and video documentaries of the social change and political movements during the 1960s and 1970s. Contact Paul Richards (510) 967 5577, or visit for more details.

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