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Academic Institutions and libraries are invited to acquire Harvey Richards documentary films as DVDs or online streaming licenses. Contact Us if you are interested in online licensing or have any questions. All 22 films are available DVDs. Click on the Buy DVD Now button on any video page.

Primary Source Videos

Made to support the 1960’s movements themselves, these documentaries are primary sources about the civil rights upsurges; about the anti-Vietnam War movements on the west coast; about California farm workers’ movement, among other subjects. His films documented the deforestation of the west coast from 1960 to 1978, including unique footage of the cutting and handling of the old growth giant redwoods and the impact of clear-cutting on the mountains and logging towns that experienced this ecological devastation. His films on Butte, Montana hard rock miners span the era from underground tunnel mining to giant open pit mines. And his two films on the Soviet Union provide a glimpse into the lives of women and children in a socialist society in 1961. All 22 films are available directly from Estuary Press.

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