Critical Focus Free for Teachers on Zinn Educational Project

“Treasure Trove of 1960’s Movement Photos Available Online and Free to Teachers”

Critical Focus Free for Teachers on Zinn Educational Project

Estuary Press has made the photo book “Critical Focus, the Black and White Photographs of Harvey Wilson Richards” by Paul Richards, Ph.D., available at no cost (except postage) for teachers through the Zinn Education Project and Teaching for Change.  In addition to the book, Zinn Education Project is helping publicize the archives of photo images now available (also at no cost) on the Harvey Richards Media Archive web site.  To obtain a copy of the book contact the Zinn Educational Project.  To see the archive photo image galleries, go to the Harvey Richards Media Archive and search the menu options for the subjects that interest you.  The subjects include Bay Area civil rights, Mississippi civil rights, San Francisco Bay Area peace movement, and California Farm Workers.  There will be more galleries added soon on forestry and logging, mining, the San Francisco Bay and nature.

Critical Focus Free for Teachers

Because the legacy of the peace, the civil rights, the labor and environmental movements have been suppressed, ignored or lied about in our educational system and in the society generally, over the last decades, I have decided to publish galleries of Harvey Richards’ photos on the web site and to offer teachers free copies of my photo book “Critical Focus”. You have to see these photos to believe them. Otherwise, people today will not truly understand what happened in our history and what a fantastic legacy there is for us to study, learn about and continue.

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