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Estuary Press New Website

Estuary Press New Website

Estuary Press New Website offers educators, publishers and the public great content for exploring and understanding our history as we emerge from the dark days of the Trump era. Three websites (Estuary Press, The Harvey Richards Media Archive and are now combined into one with faster navigation, intuitive searching and bigger and brighter images and videos. The three websites are now three separate entities all within Estuary Press. The blue header at the top of every page contains a search box and links to the three parts, making navigation between them available at all times.

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The Harvey Richards Media Archive offers videos and still photography of the radical protests of the 1960s, along with the rich contents on our blog posts collected over the past ten years.

Estuary Press publications are now multi-media publications .

Nina Serrano‘s website is reborn with faster navigation between all the aspects of her long and creative life in Poetry, Writing, Radio, Film, Literary Dialogs and her many and varied blog posts.

Multi-Media Publications

Estuary Press’s Multi-Media Publications acknowledge the primary role of videos and photos on the website. In addition to books, Estuary Press publications offer videos, photos and studio art posts that go beyond words. Estuary Press book catalog has expanded to 10 offerings, with more to come. Harvey Richards 22 documentary videos and 44 photo galleries are full of 1960s photography about California farm workers union movements, peace movement on the west coast, civil rights movement in the Bay Area and in Mississippi, environmental photography about the devastation of our lands by corporate logging and mining, and films and photos about the conditions of women and children in the Soviet Union in 1961.

Estuary Press New Website Launch

Studio Art Publications

Estuary Press New website includes Studio Art Publications for the first time gathering together our writings and art in the form of essays, drawings, videos, poetry, and radio posts in one place. While not offered for sale like the books, videos and photos available on Estuary Press, they are available here in our digital studio free. Studio Art Publications group together the blog posts from Estuary Press, the Harvey Richards Media Archive and Nina Serrano, as well as the two YouTube Channels (Paul Richards and Nina Serrano).

Videos have taken center stage at Estuary Press on all three sites. Visit and explore.

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