Creative Publishing and Estuary Press New Website

Valerie Haynes Perry in conversation with Paul Richards.

After combining three websites (Estuary Press, the Harvey Richards Media Archive and ninaserrano.com) into one, Paul Richards sits down (via Zoom) with Valerie Haynes Perry to review the process of building of the Estuary Press new website. The video includes a review of the relationship between Paul and his father, Harvey Richards, that led to the creation of the Harvey Richards Media Archive and Estuary Press, now combined with Nina Serrano’s website into the all inclusive Estuary Press new website. Valerie Haynes Perry brings her deeply humanist view into the conversation, highlighting how empathy, compassion and generosity play a role in independent creative work.

Estuary Press New Website

Their conversation about technically combining the sites ranges widely over many subjects including motivations for creative publishing, Paul’s experience in the Soviet Union in 1961, the social safety net for women created in socialist societies, the filming of radical protests of the 1960s, and the dedication of the website to radical dissenters then and now under the banner of Peace, Justice and a Healthy Planet.

Talking about Estuary Press New Website.
Valerie Haynes Perry and Paul Richards in conversation about Estuary Press New Website

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