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New Estuary Press Website Brief Introduction Video

Combining Three Websites into One

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Valerie Haynes Perry and Paul Richards on New Estuary Press Website

Valerie Haynes Perry interviews Paul Richards about the new Estuary Press website. The new site combines the Harvey Richards Media Archive and websites inside Estuary Press. The result is a modernized, easy to navigate website making a wealth of educational materials available to everyone. The short video takes you on a virtual tour of the new site, demonstrating how to get around its vast collections. All three websites contain the same content they had previously but now repackaged with easy access and simple intuitive navigation.

New Estuary Press Website Focuses on Multi-Media Publications

New to the site is its focus on Multi-Media Publications acknowledging the prominent role of videos and photography in addition to book publishing. Blog posts published on the three sites over the last decade are now grouped together under the title of Studio Art Publications which supplement the commercial side of the business and illustrate our continuing creative output inside the website which is our digital art studio. In addition to the three blogs, Studio Art Publications provides easy access to all of the YouTube videos embedded in the pages and posts of Estuary Press and Nina Serrano within the new site.

Free eBooks When You Subscribe to a Blog

To celebrate the launch of the new site, and to encourage people to subscribe to our blogs to receive notifications of new blog posts, Estuary Press is offering free eBooks to all new subscribers.

World Out of Order Smashwords front cover 1600

If you subscribe to the Estuary Press blog, you receive the newly published cartoon eBook, World Out of Order, by Nina Serrano’s father, Joe Serrano.

Critical Focus front Cover

If you subscribe to the Harvey Richards Media Archive blog, you will receive a free ebook edition of Critical Focus, the Black and White Photographs of Harvey Wilson Richards, now with digital links making it a gateway to the Archive.

Nicaragua Way Front Cover final

And if you sign up for Nina Serrano’s blog, you will receive a free ebook of her novel, Nicaragua Way. So sign up today to receive notifications of new blog posts published on any of the three sites.

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