Dolores Huerta holding up a sign that says "Huelga" (Spanish for Strike) calling grape pickers out on strike during the grape strike of September 24, 1965.
Dolores Huerta, Delano, California, September 24, 1965

One Life Dolores Huerta Smithsonian Exhibition

Smithsonian One Life Dolores Huerta exhibit Acquires Harvey Richards’ Photos

One Life: Dolores Huerta Smithsonian exhibit

Starting July 3, 2015 and running until May 15, 2016, the National Portrait Gallery of the Smithsonian Institute is planning to present an exhibition called One Life Dolores Huerta. As part of this exhibition, the Smithsonian Institute has acquired Harvey Richards’ iconic photo of Dolores Huerta taken during the 1965 grape strike. The exhibit will focus on the years 1962-1975. They plan to use the photo of Dolores Huerta as a large mural at the entrance of the exhibit.

This exhibit follows another exhibit, which also included photos by Harvey Richards, involving Dolores Huerta at the Smithsonian affiliated Plaza de Cultura y Artes in Los Angeles, California which ran from April 10‒July 7, 2014.

From the Plaza de Cultura y Artes  press release:

(Los Angeles―April 7, 2014) LA Plaza de Cultura y Artes (LA Plaza) presents ¡Viva la Causa! Dolores Huerta and the Struggle for Justice, the first exhibition to examine the pivotal role Dolores Huerta played in the fight for the rights of farm workers; and in the founding, with César Chávez, of the United Farm Workers (UFW). The exhibition includes approximately 120 serigraphs, posters, drawings, and documentary photographs that chronicle Huerta’s life and this important struggle, as well as her ongoing work as an influential labor and human rights activist.

“Huerta views art as an important catalyst in movements for change. She has been the subject and source of inspiration for works by many artists. The early involvement of Teatro Campesino in the fields and posters by artists supporting the organizing efforts of the UFW are on view, as well as contemporary pieces that address issues Huerta continues to work to impact: violence against women, human and civil rights, LGBT rights, labor rights, and immigration.”

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