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Richards Family Tree

Richards Family Tree

Family Tree information in the Richards Cousins Web Site on the Richards geneology page has been organized into a graphical family tree summary which you can see in the graphic on this blog post. Click on it to go to a pdf file of the tree which you can explore, copy and zoom in and out on at will.

Richards Family Tree 1

This web site is for all Richards Cousins, especially for folks who are descendents of  Robert Richards of Somerset England who came to Wisconsin, Esthma Ida (Dean) and Robert Richards of Wisconsin and Minnesota, Mary (Evans) and Dean Richards, Hollie (Thorpe) and Robert Richards of Chatfield Minnesota. Check in any time to see photos, stories and information about your family.

We have cousins across the USA and across the world, including Canada and Australia. If you are interested in helping develop this site, please contact Paul Richards using the contact link on this page.

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  1. Hello Paul, Are you Paul J Richards? I am the administrator of the Multiple Deletion Project at Family Tree DNA. I have three members, Ronald, Paul J., and Phil. If you are the member I would like to chat. I visited Tiverton, Devonshire, England in 2018. I visited St. Peter’s Church in Tiverton where many of my Prowse relatives are buried. In the churchyard I to two photos of Richards grave stones. I will share them if you are interested. It appears that Phil and the other two are related to the Prowse family since their DN/A is close and has distinctive markers that are strong indicators. I have heard that several Prowses were adopted by Richards families. If you have any knowledge of these I would certainly like to hear the details. Who their parents were before adoption and who adopted them. I look forward to hearing from you.


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