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Estuary Press Studio Art Publications Post

Digital Art for Peace, Justice and a Healthy Planet

Much of our work here at Estuary Press, art in the form of writing, YouTube videos, poetry videos, radio broadcasts, and more, only sees the light of day on this website in digital form. While not for sale like the books, videos and photos available on Estuary Press, we share them here free for the world to see and enjoy.

Studio Art Publications Post

Studio Art Publications

This Studio Art Publications post is a gateway to a wide range of subjects, all linked to our hopes for peace, justice and a healthy planet. They are collected here under the banner of Studio Art Publications, bringing together materials from the Harvey Richards Media Archive blog, the Nina Serrano blog, the Paul Richards YouTube channel and the Nina Serrano YouTube channel and more. Digital Studio Art relies on the new global internet which allows artists to walk past the gate keepers of corporate legacy publishing to have our own say in the world unfettered by the established channels. We join the self publishing movement that is springing up globally creating a veritable tornado of creative out pouring unlike anything the world has ever seen before.

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The images below skim the surface of the rich collection of content on the Estuary Press Studio Art Publications. There is a search window in the top header of every page on the website so you can search everything, or just the Media Archive, or just the Nina Serrano website. Take a look around and subscribe to the blog of your choice, or all of them, because there is more to come, not in an avalanche, but slowly as time goes by.

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