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Kanopy Acquires Harvey Richards’ Videos

Kanopy Has 1960s Videos for Libraries

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Estuary Press video catalog of the films of Harvey Richards is available to public libraries and educational institutions through Kanopy. Kanopy offers “Thoughtful Entertainment” videos for libraries nationally and around the world. Estuary Press has joined a great line up of thoughtful works that libraries and educational institutions can access through licensing directly with Kanopy.

Kanopy streams “more than 26,000 films to over 3,000 higher education campuses worldwide, reaching millions of students around the globe. Our reach is now extending to public libraries across the world.”

Kanopy’s streaming services charge only for films patrons actually watch – with no additional hidden fees. Patron driven acquisition (PDA) for colleges and public libraries has a cost-per-play that is 99% lower than other video models. Kanopy provides a dedicated and customizable website for users to watch films any time, any where, on any device.

You can contact Kanopy here to find out more.

MEDIA – For photos & interviews: Paul Richards (510) 967 5577;

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