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Welcome to the Estuary Press Blog where you can find posts about the large and diverse content collections produced over the last 60 years by Harvey and Alice Richards as film makers; by Nina Serrano as a writer, dramatist, film maker and radio producer; and from Paul Richards as a publisher, video producer and writer.  The Estuary Press blog presents news about our books, videos, web sites, photos, poetry and radio broadcasts as we celebrate the history and support the present struggles of the movements for social justice, peace and a healthy planet going on today around the globe.


Unbutton Our History

Political Buttons of Upsurge and Rebellion Unbutton Our History by Paul Richards Spilling a jar full of political buttonssent a thousand memories crashingacross my desk into my mind. The 1960s traumatized the USAin unimaginable ways.Living inside our great hopes and … Continue reading

World Out of Order

Selected Cartoons by Joe Serrano Sixty cartoons because we need a good laugh. World Out of Order is now Available in Paperback and Ebook from Amazon and kobo (ebook only) Estuary Press is proud to announce the publication of World … Continue reading

Renaming Peralta Hacienda Historic Park

Literary Dialogs with Nina Serrano Featuring Holly Alonso and Diane Wang Renaming Peralta Hacienda Historic Park This edition of Literary Dialogs with Nina Serrano focuses on the nationwide rethinking of our colonizing and racist history. Oakland’s Peralta Hacienda Historical Park is now holding … Continue reading

The Swans Arrive

The Swans Arrive July 26, 2020 on the Napa River The swans arrive on the Napa River at low tide. Five juveniles with pop pushing the other birds away while mom brings up the rear. This is actually inside the … Continue reading

Forestry Videos on Amazon Prime

Corporate Logging: After Us, the Desert and the Deluge Forestry Videos Harvey Richards forestry videos document logging in the forests of western California and Oregon in the 1960’s and 1970’s when the last great stands of old growth redwood forests … Continue reading

An Expanding Osprey Nesting Population on San Francisco Bay by Tony Brake

Osprey Nesting Population on San Francisco Bay: The History, Biology and Locations of the Osprey Estuary Press provided the Zoom interface for Tony Brake’s wonderful and informative presentation on An Expanding Osprey Nesting Population on San Francisco Bay. Following up … Continue reading

Tony Aldarondo, A Soulful and Sensational Poet

"Tony the Poet" CD cover

Literary Dialogs with Nina Serrano featuring Tony Aldarondo Tony Aldarondo is someone new and exciting to hit the poetry scene! Well, new to me. He’d been around for more than a decade but with time out for life’s setbacks that … Continue reading

Black Lives Matter in the Revolution of the Heart

Literary Dialogs with Nina Serrano featuring Rafael Jesús González Rafael reads two poems, each in English and Spanish: Wake Up U.S. America!/¡Despierta EE.UU. América! and The Moon Masks Herself/La luna se enmascara, followed by the poets conversation about Black Lives Matter in the Revolution … Continue reading

Pandemic Poems by Nina Serrano

Pandemic Poems Video An Estuary Press Media Production These six Pandemic Poems are some I have written while sheltering in place. As an 85 year old poet, I have taken the health warnings to heart because the Covid 19 virus … Continue reading

Civil Rights Videos on Amazon Prime

California and Mississippi Civil Rights in the 1960s Fannie Lou Hamer, 1963, screen shot from “We’ll Never Turn Back” by Harvey Richards Harvey Richards’ civil rights videos document civil rights activists in the early 1960s. Beginning in 1963, Richards cameras … Continue reading