How to Purchase from Estuary Press Store

Go to Product Page, Click on Button

Estuary Press Store Documentary VideosTo purchase DVD’s or digital video downloads or rentals of Harvey Richards’ films from the Estuary Press Store, click on the video cover image or navigate through the Documentary Video Store drop down menus on the menu bar at the top of the page to locate the film. Each video page provides selection choices: Video Rental, Download to Own, Stream on Amazon Instant Video, and Buy DVD.  Click on your choice, and then follow directions for purchasing.

Estuary Press Store Book StoreTo purchase the books of Nina Serrano or Paul Richards from the Estuary Press Store, click the Book Store image or menu bar choice. Choose the book you want and click on the book cover image to go to the Book Page.  The books are available through various online distributors, including Amazon, Kobo, Barnes and Noble and iBooks.  Critical Focus print edition is available directly from Estuary Press. There are eBook editions of all books available widely. If you are a teacher interested in Critical Focus, contact the Zinn Education Project for a free copy.

Estuary Press Store Photo StoreTo purchase Harvey Richards’ photos, use the contact us menu option to contact Paul Richards.

To license images from the films or photo collections, use the contact us menu option to contact Paul Richards