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new video channelOur New Video Channel

For the first time, Harvey Richards’ primary source documentary films from the 1960s and 1970s are available for viewing anywhere in the world. Through the creation of the Harvey Richards Media Archive video channel on Platform Purple, anyone with internet access and a device that can download files from the internet can watch the videos. All 22 documentary films can now be rented or purchased as video on demand on computers, tablets, and smartphones. Today, the vast majority of computer and mobile device owners cannot stream videos because broadband is lacking or their devices do not have the capacity. However, they can download files from the internet, and with our new video channel, that is all it takes to access the films. These new features allow viewers without streaming broadband to access our videos through download rentals and purchases. For those who have broadband and do not have accounts on Amazon, video streaming is also available through the Harvey Richards Media Archive new channel.

And, of course, all videos are still also available as DVDs through Estuary Press.

new video channel

The Harvey Richards Media Archive channel is on Platform Purple which works through its free downloadable app and player. The app gives you the player and a library for your purchases like Amazon or iTunes do. Once you purchase a video rental or download on Estuary Press, instructions appear for setting up an account and acquiring the player. Just follow the instructions and in a few minutes, you will be watching the video. After you are set up, renting other videos is a click away.

Why the addition of Platform Purple?

Creating the new video channel follows on the heels of our recent placement of all of Harvey Richards’ videos on Amazon Instant Video for streaming. However, Amazon’s services proved disappointing since streaming is not available in all areas. It was surprising to learn that Amazon Instant Video plays only in the 48 states of the US. So instead of making the videos accessible to computers and mobile devices around the world, Amazon only serves some, not all, in the USA. The new Harvey Richards Media Archive channel on Platform Purple offers a service without those limitations and with a friendly open relationship with independent video producers such as Estuary Press. Our new Platform Purple channel places us among many other independent producers in using the full potential of the worldwide web outside the reach of media giants like Amazon or iTunes. And given the propensity of these large new internet companies to fail and disappear along with all their content, it seems sensible to establish an independent presence for sake of giving long life and lasting impact to the visual legacy of the 1960s that is at the heart of our offerings.





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