Heart’s Journey by Nina Serrano eBook

Heart’s Journey, Selected Poems 1980-1999 eBook

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Heart’s Journey is the second volume of a trilogy of books that presents Nina Serrano’s poetry written from 1969 to 2012.  The trilogy is called Heart Suite.  Volume one is Heart Songs, the Collected Poems of Nina Serrano, 1969-1979. Volume three is Heart Strong, Selected Poems, 2000-2012. Like Heart’s Journey, Heart Strong is available in both eBook and paperback formats.

“With grace, lyricism and more than a dash of humor, Nina Serrano takes the reader on a poetic journey of two decades — 1980-1999. It is truly a journey of the heart, but not the one you might expect. Serrano’s heart belongs not only to lovers and friends, but to revolutions and social justice movements. I especially loved A Song for Ben Linder, Global Shadows (about the invasion of Grenada), and Prose Poem for Roque Dalton. Serrano’s poetic strength lies in putting us right back in the emotional hold of global events as they unfolded. History becomes story, her story. And I loved the drawings that accompanied the poem, whimsical footnotes to elegant poems.”

Elaine Elinson, co-author of Wherever There’s a Fight, winner of a Gold Medal in the 2010 California Book Awards

About Estuary Press: Estuary Press is the publisher of Nicaragua Way by Nina Serrano and Heart Suite, a trilogy of three books of poetry by Nina Serrano. It is also the home of the Harvey Richards Media Archive, a repository of photography and video documentaries of the social change and political movements during the 1960s and 1970s. Contact Paul Richards (510) 967 5577, paulrichards@estuarypress.com or visit estuarypress.com for more details.

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