Historical Images of 1960s Protests

Harvey Richards Media Archive Photos and Videos

historical images of 1960s protests

June, 1965. Oakland Army Base. Photo by Harvey Richards

As an independent local archive of historical images of 1960s protests, Estuary Press offers the Harvey Richards Media Archive with online access to twenty-two videos and hundreds of imagesThroughout the 1960s, it was a common sight at San Francisco Bay Area demonstrations of any size to see Richards standing atop his station wagon or van, two still cameras around his neck, looking through a tripod mounted motion picture camera. During his most active years as a photographer, from 1958 to 1978, Harvey Richards produced twenty-two films on many subjects including California farm labor, the civil rights movement locally and in the southern U.S., and the Bay Area peace and anti-war movements. His long-time concern for the environment led to films exposing wasteful forestry practices going on nationally, especially in northern California and in Oregon, where he was born and raised.  See below for links to the videos and photo galleries by subject.

Peace Movement

Newesletter Peace Photo graphic2Starting in the late 1950s and continuing into the 1970s, Harvey Richards photographed peace demonstrations in the San Francisco Bay Area. His photography is displayed in 14 galleries of still images and in five posts on his peace films.

Civil Rights Movement

Newesletter Civil Rights Photo graphic2

Harvey Richards’ civil rights movement photography occurred in Mississippi in 1963 and 1964, and in the San Francisco Bay Area from 1963 to 1965. His photography is displayed in five galleries of still images and in five posts on his civil rights films. His work includes rare testimonies from Mississippi voter registration activists like E.W. Steptoe, young SNCC volunteers like Bob Moses, and sharecroppers like Fannie Lou Hamer.

California Farm Worker Union Organizing

Newsletter farm worker photo graphic

Harvey Richards made four California farm worker films designed for use by union organizers. His photography spanned the years from 1958 to 1966 and included the march from Delano to Sacramento in the spring of 1966.. His photography is displayed in ten still images galleries and four posts on his farm worker films.

Corporate Logging

Newsletter Logging Photo graphic


Harvey Richards made four logging films documenting the impact of corporate logging on the forests of the west coast and nationally in the U.S. His still photography is displayed in five galleries that include unique images of the logging of old-growth redwood forests in northern California and Oregon during the 1960s.

Mining in Butte, Montana

Newsletter Mining photos graphic

Harvey Richards made two films about mining in the United States. His still photography is displayed in two galleries. His work began with the 1959 miners’ strike against Anaconda Copper in Butte, Montana and ended with his 1978 film on open pit mining.

The Soviet Union in 1961

Newsletter USSR graphic

Harvey Richards photography of the Soviet Union in 1961 is contained in the two-part film A Visit to the Soviet Union and in four image galleries.

Richards went to the front lines of social conflict in the early years of the 1960s when the struggles for social justice were largely ignored and needed some good press. As time went on, the media discovered that the Movement was newsworthy and gave major coverage to civil rights and anti-war protests. At first, Richards’ camera was one of a small number photographing the picket lines. As the crowds of media persons grew larger, Richards moved on to the next project. He was a pioneer in using media for the people, and in forcing the mainstream media to cover the movements for change in spite of the wishes of corporate rulers. Today, people’s photography has exploded globally with cameras on every wireless phone and the internet to spread the truth beyond controlled media bias and censorship everywhere.

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