1973 Grape Strike New HD Color Footage

Joan Baez and Daniel Ellsberg Walk the Line

The slide show below presents several screen shots taken from the film showing a United Farm Workers Union picket line in 1973 grape strike.

The expansion of the film to high definition digital files announced last month, on September 11, 2020, is now complete and the results are in. This blog post about new high definition video of the 1973 grape strike picket line in the central valley of California is the second of several posts offering glimpses into the new materials now available on the Harvey Richards Media Archive. The first post was the End the War in Vietnam Protests footage.

1973 Grape Strike Footage

1973 grape strike

This footage of a United Farm Workers Union picket line is remarkable in the collection as the only color farm worker film that Harvey Richards shot since his 1959 film Factory Farms. His farm worker films consist of four films: Factory Farms (1959), The Harvesters (1960), Uno Veinticinco (1962) and The Land Is Rich (1966). The footage in this 1973 recording of the UFWU picket line was never included in any finished film. The reel of film sat unknown in the collection until this year (2020) when it was discovered as part of the expansion of the high definition conversions of original film to video. The film was shot early in the morning on a road in front of a field of grapes. The picket line was a special mobilization that brought Joan Baez and Daniel Ellsberg plus many clergy and farm workers to support the strike.

For more information about this and other materials in the collection, use the contact link above.

MEDIA – For photos & interviews: Paul Richards (510) 967 5577; paulrichards@estuarypress.com

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