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Amzie Moore Speaks

New Estuary Press Video on Amzie Moore

Amzie Moore speaks, Mississippi, 1963
Amzie Moore, 1963. Photo by Harvey Richards
Amzie Moore Speaks in 1963 and 64 films.

The Harvey Richards Media Archive has added a blog post about Amzie Moore, the man who welcomed Harvey Richards to Mississippi in 1963 and 1964 and helped him make two films, We’ll Never Turn Back and Dream Deferred, in support of the SNCC voter registration drives in the Delta counties.

Amzie took Harvey into his world, introducing him to activists and sharecroppers involved in the voter registration drives being conducted by the Civil Rights Movement. Amzie Moore appeared on camera in the 1964 film, Dream Deferred. The new short video in the blog post presents clips of Amzie speaking combined with photos of Mississippi taken by Harvey at that time. The music on the video features the voice of Hollis Watkins, recorded by Harvey in Mississippi. The information presented in the blog post about Amzie Moore comes from “PRIMARY SOURCE DOCUMENTARIES: The Making of “We’ll Never Turn Back” (1963) and “Dream Deferred” (1964) by Harvey Richards” written by Paul Richards, PhD, with photos by Harvey Richards.

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