End the War in Vietnam Protests Go Hi Def

1969 and 1971 San Francisco Peace March Film To HD Video

The Vietnam Protests Go Hi Def slide show below presents screen shots taken from the films showing a sampling of the size, spirit and diversity of the marches.

The expansion of the film to high definition digital files announced earlier this month, on September 11, 2020, is now complete and the results are spectacular. This blog post about new high definition video of the 1969 and 1971 San Francisco end the war in Vietnam protests is the first of several to follow offering glimpses into the new materials now available on the Harvey Richards Media Archive.

End the War in Vietnam Protests

The color video of the two protests show what the biggest West Coast demonstrations up to that time looked like. Over 100,000 protesters marched in both. Harvey Richards filmed the marches in color but used these remarkable shots only briefly in his last film made in 1978, “A Tale of Two Systems.” His last anti-war film, “No Greater Cause,” was made in 1968 in black and white.

The footage of the 1969 and 1971 demonstrations tell much about the depth and strength of popular sentiment against the Vietnam war. People gathered from around the west coast and from many groups. Signs carried in the demonstrations range from the Communist Party to Stanford University, to militant Latino and Asian groups, unions of all kinds, Women for Peace and many others. It is a time worth remembering as our current uprisings against injustice, racism, war and inequality change the world around us.

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