Images of 1960s Radical Activism into Contemporary Films

21st Century Films Using Harvey Richards Media Archive Images

As more and more film makers put Harvey Richards Media Archive images of 1960s radical activism into contemporary films, I stopped for a moment to review what’s happened so far this century.  I found a surprising list of films, museums, national monuments, books and other publications who have drawn on the collection. This post features some, but not all, of the films using video and images from the archive. Next: books, museums, national monuments. Click on the movie titles below to go to web sites about the films.


Freedom Summer

Cesar Chavez

Spies of Mississippi

Adios Amor, The Search for Maria Moreno

Harvest of Loneliness, The Bracero Program

Saving the Bay

Latino Americans

Viva la Causa

Standing on My Sister’s Shoulders

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