Jesse Harris

Jesse Harris Speaks

Freedom Movement in 1960s Mississippi

Jesse Harris in 1964

Jesse Harris passed away January 27, 2015 at age 75.  I never met Jesse Harris but I have listened to him and watched these scenes from my father’s films over the last 50 years. I am offering this video which includes clips of him speaking in both of Harvey Richards’ films, “Freedom Bound” (also released as “We’ll Never Turn Back”) and “Dream Deferred” in hopes that those who knew him will find these images comforting, and those who did not know him will find reason to learn more about him and his remarkable life.

The Clarion Ledger (January 27 of Jackson, Mississippi) wrote,

This foot soldier of the Mississippi Civil Rights Movement will forever be remembered as a steadfast community organizer who worked tirelessly for justice and equality, said Hollis Watkins, chairman of the Veterans of the Mississippi Civil Rights Movement. “It is our esteemed honor to have been a part of his life, he a part of ours, and his legacy engrained in the civil and human rights we enjoy and continue to fight for today.

Jesse Harris
Jesse Harris, 2014. From YouTube

Cynthia Goodloe Palmer, executive director of Veterans of the Mississippi Civil Rights Movement, said Harris would be dearly missed. “His efforts as a young man during Freedom Summer up until his death have brought about a positive change, and we will continue to carry the torch,” she said.

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