Harvey Richards Media Archive Licensing History 1987-2013

Licensing History 1987-2013

Licensing History 1987-2013
1960, Fresno County, CA. Harvey Richards standing on a giant redwood stump in Converse Basin.
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About Harvey Richards

Throughout the 1960s, it was a common sight at local demonstrations of any size to see Richards standing atop his station wagon or van, two still cameras around his neck, looking through a tripod mounted motion picture camera.

During his most active years as a photographer, from 1958 to 1978, Harvey Richards produced twenty two films on many subjects including farm labor, the civil rights movement locally and in the southern U.S., and the peace and anti-war movements. His long time concern for the environment led to films exposing the wasteful forestry practices going on nationally, especially in northern California and in Oregon, where he was born and raised.

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