Russian Subtitles added to YouTube Videos on USSR

Growing Russian interest in the 1961 video previews

Russian subtitles on Ordinary Life in the USSR, 1961 screen shot
Ordinary Life in the USSR, 1961 screen shot with Russian subtitles

Russian subtitles are available on YouTube preview videos of the Harvey and Alice Richards 1961 films focusing on women and children in socialist USSR. “Ordinary Life in the USSR, 1961” (2 min 25 sec) is a preview video “A Visit to the Soviet Union, Part 1: Women of Russia”(36 min)

“Ordinary Life Far from Moscow” (2 min 28 sec) is a preview video for “A Visit to the Soviet Union, Part 2: Far from Moscow” (33 min). Both preview videos have been widely viewed around the world, now totally 690,000 views in over 120 countries. The channel has now garnered a total of over one million views for all the videos.

Russian Subtitles for Russian Viewers

Russian subtitles on a screen shot from Ordinary Life far from Moscow.
Ordinary Life far from Moscow 1961 screen shot with Russian subtitles.

Recently, Russian views have expanded significantly, motivating the addition of the Russian language subtitles. On December 16, 2021, YouTube views of the preview videos jumped from 300 per day to 6000 per day, settling down at over 1000 per day in the days that followed. These views came primarily from people in Russia. These two preview videos were created in 2011 to provide viewers with previews of the Russian films on the Harvey Richards Media Archive website. (There are also English subtitles that can be chosen using the settings button at the bottom of the videos.)

Whatever one thinks of the Russian Revolution, Stalin, Lenin, Trotsky, or communism, the history of care and relative prosperity experienced by women and children during the Soviet period is now a lasting legacy.

“When women enjoy their own sources of income, and the state guarantees social security in old age, illness, and disability, women have no economic reason to stay in abusive, unfulfilling, or otherwise unhealthy relationships.”
Kristen R. Ghodsee, Why Women Have Better Sex Under Socialism.

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