Pesticide spraying in San Joaquin County, California, 1964
Spraying Orange Orchards, 1964, San Joaquin County, California

Toxic Spraying in Agriculture is Not the Only Way

Toxic spraying of pesticides on our food has been going on in commercial agriculture today and for decades in the past.  Whether you are in California or Minnesota, pesticide spraying from the air or on the ground is polluting the atmosphere, poisoning workers, neighborhoods around the fields, and the food we eat.  

Toxic Spraying

toxic spraying

Treating the earth like a chemistry set is expensive and harmful to the earth and all the living creatures.  And it is not the only way.  Organic farming can produce great food without the use of chemical, petroleum based pesticides and fertilizers.  Cheap foods, full of poison, makes great profits for big corporate agribusiness, supermarkets, banks, chemical companies and the petroleum industry.  It is also poisoning the people and the ground we walk on.

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