History Is What My YouTube Channel Is About

History Is What My YouTube Channel Is About

Paul Richards YouTube Channel Video Intro

Image of Paul Richards from my youtube channel
Still photo from Paul Richards Video Channel Trailer.

My YouTube Channel

In 2011, I put the Paul Richards YouTube Channel to work with clips from 22 films from the Harvey Richards Media Archive. The idea was to add movie clips to the Archive web pages featuring the films so that people could see what sorts of things were in the films. YouTube allows you to embed videos directly on your site. The embedded videos are still there and working fine. Surprisingly, the clips from the Paul Richards YouTube Channel have been watched by over 900,000 viewers in 110 countries (2021). The clip “Ordinary Life in the USSR” has been viewed over 577,000 times. The content of the films —

the Bay Area peace movement in the 1960s,

women and children in the Soviet Union (1961),

California farm workers,

Mississippi voter registration activists (1963 and 1964),

Bay Area civil rights movement

Butte, Montana miners (1960), and

deforestation of the west coast

bring people interested in those subjects to the channel.

The Harvey Richards Media Archive has uploaded all the historic documentaries on Amazon Prime for streaming there.

Check out the Harvey Richards Media Archive.

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