October 22, 1972 Veterans Day Parade of Vietnam Veterans for Peace.

Haunting Images Showing the Extent of the Rebellion

The Vietnam Veterans Against the War contingent in the San Francisco 1972 Veterans Day parade left haunting images showing the extent of the rebellion of the US soldiers and civilians against the war. Just one month later, President Nixon defeated George McGovern in a landslide election. But even this election victory could not hold back the decay and chaos created by losing the war in Vietnam.

1972 Veterans Day Parade Presages the End of the War

Nixon resigned from the presidency rather than face impeachment on August 4, 1974 after the scandal of the Republican break ins at the Democratic Party offices in the Watergate building became public. The war ended April 30, 1975 in the complete defeat and withdrawal of American forces and the reunification of Vietnam in the Socialist Republic of Vietnam. And yet, public opinion and the ruling groups in the USA have refused to come to terms with the defeat as the US continues to wage costly and self destructive wars around the globe. The US has lost every war since 1945.

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