Committee for Non-Violent Action (CNVA): Resist War

Committee for Non-Violent Action at Oakland Army Base, 1965

Committee for Non-Violent Action (CNVA)1965, Oakland Army Base, Non-Violent Face off
Committee for Non Violent Action (CNVA)1965, Oakland Army Base, Non-Violent Faceoff

In June, 1965, the Committee for Non-Violent Action (CNVA) picketed and sat in at the Oakland Army Base where soldiers were being deployed to Vietnam.  They requested that they be allowed to visit the soldiers and give them gifts and well wishes, including some reasons why they should refuse to go.  They were not allowed into the base and when they persisted, they were arrested.  

Committee for Non-violent action resist war

Events such as these did not make much news but the power of their moral witness for peace swept through the student movement encouraging more and more young people to speak out against war. Harvey Richards recognized the significance of this challenge to the military war policy and showed up with his cameras while the mainstream media did nothing.

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