GIs Picket Travis Air Force Base, August, 1972

GIs Picket Travis Air Force Base

GIs picket Travis Air Force base
Free Speech at its best, August 26, 1972, Travis Air Force Base, California

While the US and Vietnam were negotiating in Paris to find a way to end the war, American bombing of Vietnam intensified from May to October, 1972, in Operation Linebacker leading up to the infamous Christmas bombings called Operation Linebacker II. It was the largest heavy bomber strikes launched by the US Air Force since World War II.

The appearance of active duty GI’s at the gates of the Travis Air Force Base in Fairfield, California, reflected their awareness of the bombing campaign and the intense opposition to it by the GI’s who understood the destructive nature of this last gasp of US warfare in Vietnam. The military establishment was losing the war and falling into chaos as the war came to an end.

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