The Last Giant Redwoods Come Down

Unique Images of Giant Redwoods Being Logged Out

last giant redwoods

The Last Giant Redwoods Come Down

In the 1960’s, the last giant redwoods commercially available stands were being clear cut. Harvey Richards photographed the giants being cut, hauled, unloaded, stacked, debarked and milled at lumber mills in Humboldt County, California. Now, in the 21st century, these images are both awe inspiring and horrifying.  

The photos inspire awe at the size of the logs and the numbers that were felled and processed during the lumber boom times of the 1960’s. Horror at the narrow economic values that controlled our society and allowed these magnificent trees to be decimated. Taking down the oldest living things on earth for the profit of a few companies, for a few temporary jobs, and the lumber to build a few houses that are now very likely in the land fills around our decaying cities.  

The clear cutting of forests continues today here in California and Oregon, as well as in the tropics where rain forests are coming down at a rapid pace, fueling the climate change and global warming that has now become a serious issue threatening the survival of all of us.  These photos documenting what was done in the 1960’s to these magnificent redwood forests in California and Oregon are offered to encourage rethinking of our approach to the natural resources of our planet and our role as living beings in the environment that is now declining under our relentless attacks.

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