Vietnam Day Committee November, 1965

Vietnam Day Committee Makes It to Oakland

Vietnam Day Committee November 20, 1965 Second March,
Vietnam Day Committee Second March, November 20, 1965

Vietnam Day Committee November March

The Vietnam Day Committee November march again headed to Oakland a month after their first demonstration in October, 1965 was turned back by the Oakland Police.  This time the VDC obtained a permit to march through Oakland. However, the permit application to march to the Oakland Army Base was denied.  Instead, on November 20, 1965, the VDC marched again to deFermery Park in Oakland where a rally was held.

At the time, in 1965, this march, along with the International Days of Protest Rallies all over the country, demonstrated the strength of the Berkeley anti-war protest movement in a way that no previous march had done.  It was large, militant and determined to confront the war machine and its media outlets with dissenting views that could not be ignored or silenced any longer. These early protests opened up a national dialog that grew louder and louder, culminating in the soldier led marches and dissent that Harvey Richards photographed in 1968 and 1969.

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