Warning Warning Video by Harvey Richards

1970, 22 min., color

Pollution and Land Filling Threaten San Francisco Bay

Warning Warning
Auto wrecking yard on bay fill, 1969

Warning Warning (1970) was part of the movement to build public support for  Save the Bay. Warning Warning came about in the context of the Army Corps of Engineer’s plan to fill the San Francisco Bay down to narrow shipping channel with dirt from the San Bruno Mountain south of San Francisco. Save the Bay organizing led efforts to create the San Francisco Bay Conservation and Development Commission and to pass state legislation to stop the destruction of the bay. The creation of the California Coastal Commission  and the 1970s conservation and preservation legislation put a stop the the wholesale destruction of the environment of the coast and the bay. The San Francisco Save the Bay movement also helped to initiate similar Save the Bay efforts around the country.  

Warning Warning 

Warning Warning focuses on threats to San Francisco Bay ecological conditions caused by the dumping of municipal, farming and industrial pollution of its tributary rivers and into the Bay itself. See environment photo galleries for more.

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Ecology of San Francisco Bay

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