Nina Serrano Poetry eBooks Distribution Broadens

Smashwords Opens Some Doors for eBooks

Heart's Journey Cover Image for eBook and Print

Heart’s Journey Cover Image

Heart Songs Cover Image for eBook and Print

Heart Songs Cover Image

Heart Songs and Heart’s Journey, by Nina Serrano, are now available at multiple ebook distribution venues. Besides Amazon, you can now find Nina Serrano’s poetry books in digital format at Barnes and Noble Nook Store, Kobo eBooks, Diesel eBooks, and Sony eBooks.  Heart Songs, volume one of Heart Suite,  is $2.99 and Heart’s Journey, volume 2 of Heart Suite, is $4.99 at all outlets.  The paperback book of Heart’s Journey is also available online from and is now on sale at $14.90.  Volume 3 of Heart Suite, the final volume of the trilogy, is Heart Strong and will be released later this year as both print and ebook at all outlets.

Making these books available through these electronic outlets has been possible through Smashwords, an ebook publishing and distributing company that accepted both books and then distributed them to all the outlets.  They also distribute to Apple which takes much longer than others to accept and post ebooks offered to them by Smashwords.  I am still waiting.  Apple’s proprietary mania requires that anyone submitting a book to them for sale must do so with an Apple computer.  Without a Mac, only Smashwords or independent agents can get your books in there.  I chose Smashwords in spite of their name, which goes along well with Smashwords formating software called the Meatgrinder.  Fortunately for Estuary Press, both books were submitted as finished epub files which sidesteps the Meatgrinder.

Estuary Press has now grown from its origins as a licensing and distributing outlet for the films of Harvey Richards to an independent publisher of books.  Mastering the computer skills to create the books and then discovering how to find my way through the digital labyrinth for distributiion has been an amazing experience. Next comes the marketing challenge which can only happen when the books are completed and are actually available for sale. That is coming right up.


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