Literary Dialogs with Nina Serrano

About Literary Dialogs

Literary Dialogs with Nina Serrano: Fifty Years of Passion for the Spoken Word

Literary Dialogs with Nina Serrano is a series featuring interviews of fabulous writers and poets reading from their own works in conversation with me. Produced by Estuary Press, the series will appear on my Youtube channel and on my website.

The series is designed to spread the love of language as we move in resistance to the forces of hate, ignorance, and cruelty.  Created in our Vallejo, CA,  home studio, the series opens new possibilities for me more compatible with my current mobility and energies.

In each program, I interview writers and poets who, like Estuary Press, share a commitment to peace, justice, and a healthy planet. I dialog with artists who play with language and expand its meaning to make ideas and feelings available to the viewer.

I have been sharing my passion for literature and the spoken word for over half a century! This passion underlies writing my own poemsplaysfictionradio scripts, and blogs,  directing theatre and films, or hosting interviews with authors, or leading poetry writing workshops in schools and cultural centers for children and adults.

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