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Advent of Winter Solstice by Nina Serrano

Advent of Winter Solstice

A Winter Solstice Poem for You

Oil Painting "Havana Moon" by Nina Serrano
Oil Painting “Havana Moon” by Nina Serrano

Advent of Winter Solstice

By Nina Serrano

My Dear, What shall we do through the longest night
when the moon and the star remain in sight
and dawn hovers in the wings
waiting for its interminable cue?

My Dear, we will be posted at our computers
catching the hem of the skirt
of every passing muse
in the dust of time
in this longest moonshine
brewing an elixir of memory and metaphor
Our fingers will capture it
letter by space bar
Verses sent off by electrical force we don’t understand
Our words bumping into others’ words
flying through cyber space
will create a universe of poetry in cyber clouds
of ever expanding immensity
of ever expanding immensity
becoming finite in the print-out of pages.

©2013 Nina Serrano

Page 75 from HEART STRONG, Selected Poems 2000-2012

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