Artivists against Rape

Artists as Activists Against Rape and Violence towards Women 2015

San Francsico rally against rape and violence 2015
Rally Against Rape and violence. San Francisco, 2015. Photo by Adrian Arias

I am still thrilled to present my 2015 radio interview of Mamacoatl about the extraordinary story of how a community came together in two days to organize against rape and violence with a parade, rally, posters, poems, and speakers to heighten public awareness.

Artists as activists were at the center of an effort that included offering practical services like rides at night, spiritual healing and self defense training support workshops and classes. Most importantly it shows how the neighborhood embraced the spreading of the commitment and willingness to pay attention on the streets to each other and to intervene with a call for help when there is violence. Doing things like turning on a light, and shouting out for help to create a caring environment in the streets.

Communities Act Against Rape and Violence: Nina Serrano Interviews Momacoatl

Although the specific service phone numbers are out of date, I believe this Youtube offers a useful and inspiring model of what can be possible when people come together to protect each other and to heal. I think you will find it uplifting and valuable too. Estuary Press expanded my radio segment into a YouTube slide show: Artvists Against rape and violence! I take pride in this example of what our local arts community did in the face of violence, proving that the people are a formidable force! Watch, enjoy!

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