Nina Serrano Video: Applause Teaches Child Storytellers the Right Lesson

Learning to Accept Applause Creates Self Esteem

Story Teller Nina Serrano Teaches Students to Accept Applause
Story Teller Nina Serrano Teaches Students to Accept Applause

Wikipedia says: “The custom of applauding may be as old and as widespread as humanity, and the variety of its forms is limited only by the capacity for devising means of making a noise (e.g., stomping of feet or rapping of fists or hands on a table).” Today applause is the most usual form of approval.  

Most often children experience criticism and warnings as their natural exuberance spills over into the structured and dangerous world which can create feelings of inadequacy and fear when not mitigated with praise and hugs.  In a social context like schools, applause can increase a child’s self esteem in the classroom when they are regularly applauded for oral presentations such as storytelling.  The ancient custom of applause is not sufficiently acknowledged in the modern classroom where the presenters offers the gift of their story or report and the listeners show their appreciation through the tradition of clapping.

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