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Birds of San Pancho with Lucille Lang Day

Literary Dialogs with Nina Serrano Featuring Lucille Lang Day

Poetry and Science Together with Lucille Lang Day

Birds of San Pancho brings poetry and science together

I was eager to interview Lucille Lang Day about her poetry book “Birds of San Pancho and other Birds of Place” on Literary Dialogs with Nina Serrano. Lucille reads nine poems from the book’s 74 poems, as well as discussing her travels around the world, her background as a poet and scientist, and her experiences as a mother, educator and poet. She received her M.A. in English and M.F.A. in creative writing at San Francisco State University, and her B.A. in biological sciences, M.A. in zoology and Ph.D. in science/mathematics education at the University of California at Berkeley.

I enjoyed reading Birds of San Pancho all the way through and then lazily meandering through it at my leisure for the fun of it over and over at idle moments. Especially in these times of Covid non-adventures, it was fun to follow intimate journeys to places far, near, and deep inside the poet.

Whether Lucy spoke of science and her hopes for it, or dealing with the loss of her daughter Liana, she was very forthcoming in our conversation. Having interviewed Lucy for radio years before with the publication of her memoir “Married at Fourteen” which included the birth of Liana to adulthood, I found the poems about Liana’s loss illuminating. Lucy’s description of dealing with her grief highlighted a path to healing to be emulated. Another theme adding historical depth to her work is her deep respect and family connection to native America culture as reflected in her “Names of the States” poem included in this episode.

These poems about nature and the environment do not preach. Her deep knowledge of science is reflected through her naming of species and their habits. Her belief that science can find solutions gives her ecological poems hope and optimism for the future. The marriage in these poems between poetry and science together makes them strong and a pleasure to hear.

Nina and Lucy
Nina Serrano and Lucille Lang Day on Literary Dialogs with Nina Serrano

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