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A Poem of Viral Warning

Viral Computer Infections of the Mind

Nina Serrano Performing with Paul Bertin
Nina Serrano Performing Poetry with Paul Bertin

One kind of viral computer infection wrecks our computers and shuts them down. Another kind is when our own convoluted thought processes become entangled with geeky computer software operations that confuse and distract us in the process of creating. It separates us from our muse.  At poetry readings, some poets read from paper and others from phones, tablets and other electronic devices.  In the past many poets wrote odes to their pens or plumes.  This is my poem to my computer that holds so much of my creative work.  I owe some inspiration to Lenore Weiss’s blog, An Array of Writing.

A Poem of Viral Warning
From her book Heart Strong: Selected Poems, 2000-2012
by Nina Serrano

Viral Warning, Drawing by Nina Serrano
Viral Warning, Drawing by Nina Serrano

It is unspilled tears that clog the computers
unexpressed love and the harshness of routine responses
spreading viruses that extinguish whole species
Computer by computer pile up in the land fills yet
me and whole populations lust and strive for them
desperately searching for boats floating to cyberspace
to learn new programs to steer them
More storage space is always needed
and clouds and other moons
and planets beckon
It is always over the rainbow
and over the top
like infinity that my mind cannot fathom

© Nina Serrano, 2013

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