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Heart Suite Trilogy

Heart Songs, Heart’s Journey, Heart Strong

Poem Videos

Women I Know and I Am So Visible, The Mission Story, Five Poems About the Nature of Love, Poems in the Redwoods, Poems in Balmy Alley, Dreaming, Traces of Love, Love Passed Over Us Like a Cloud, Stop Monsanto, Dance Poetry Video: To Die of Joy in the River, Save the Post Office, Advent of Winter Solstice

Poetry Audio Recordings

Menopause: Red Flower of the Last Blood, Welcome Immigrant Children, Learning to See in Darkness


Nicaragua Way, A Novel

Another World Is Possible, From Memories to Fiction, Global Connections, A Nation of Immigrants, Sandinista Memories, Reborn at 82

The Story of Ethel and Julius Rosenberg

Forty Years in the Making, The Play “The Story of Ethel and Julius Rosenberg” Is Now a Book

The Chicken Made of Rags

The Chicken Made of Rags Book, African American Actor Lester Jones and the Chicken Made of Rags, Chicken Made of Rags Promo

Nina Serrano Web Essays

Poet, A Life in Poetry, My Life as an Author, 50+ Years of International Film Making, Radio for the Community, My Life in Radio, Drama: A Life in the Theatre

Literary Dialogs with Nina Serrano

Genea Brice, Arturo MontecónJohanna ElyDL LangDena and Becky Taylor, Judy Wells, Alice Walker, Thomas StantonDevorah Major, QR Hand,Jr., Diane di Prima

Radio Interviews

Rafael Jesús González, Vanessa Quesada, Mamacoatl, Roberto Perez, Tupac Saavedra, Christian Orrego


Que Hacer, Reflections on Que Hacer, 48 Years Later, Reflexiones sobre la película – ¡Qué hacer! After the Earthquake, Back from Nicaragua, La Cantata de Santa Maria de Iquique, Nina Serrano YouTube Channel

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