Francsico X Alaracon

Tahui! A Poem for Francisco X. Alarcon

By Nina Serrano,

inspired by Francisco X. Alarcon dedication to poetry

Francisco X. Alaracon
Francsico X Alaracon

I wrote this poem when I heard that Francisco X. Alarcon was being considered for future state Poet Laureate of California. I haven’t been writing as many poems or blog posts lately because I have been lost in the world of the final edit of my novel, NICARAGUA WAY. But this poem woke me up with its urgency. The late Mary Rudge, poet laureate of Alameda, had once told me you have to keep a notebook by your bed and when the thought comes, turn on the light and write it down. How wise she was, I still miss her. I wrote this poem in my bedside notebook in the middle of the night.

In the morning, I copied and revised my scribbles onto the computer. I hope you enjoy and share it!


For Francisco X. Alarcon
by Nina Serrano

“Tahui!,” calls Francisco X Alarcon
we respond with, “Tahui!”
carried on the echoing winds
in the four directions,
and above and below
Holy vibrations over the California
hills mountains canyons and deserts
creeks lakes, rivers and sea
Over fields of growing
lettuce brocolli celery and grapes
Over trees bearing
oranges pears plums
and swaying palms heavy with coconuts
Francisco’s call
heard by young and old
Gathers us in the ether and ambiance
of floating ancient dusty remains
for poetry community creativity and justice
Speaking words that sing to Mother Earth
exploding stars
in the constantly expanding universe.

Francisco is not waiting for laurel leaves
He labors for poetry constantly
If crowned his work will not change
He will continue as long as he breathes
to call, “Tahui!”
We will respond, “Tahui!”
in the four directions
and above and below.

©Nina Serrano 2015

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