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Jeanne Haynes House Under Water, Part 1 and 2 on KPFA-FM

Blazing a Path to Fight the Banks: House Under Water

Jeanne Haynes Fights to Save Her House Under Water
Jeanne Haynes Fights to Save Her House Under Water

Nina Serrano brings back Master Storyteller, Jeanne Haynes who tells more of the saga of House Under Water: her struggle with Wells Fargo Bank to save her east Oakland home. When Part One of the program was first aired in April 2013, it was received with popular acclaim by many families who face this same crisis. At the end of the program we all wondered, would she hold on to her house?  I invited Jeanne to tell the next chapter of her unfolding story in Part Two which will air on Radio Chronicles on KPFA 94.1 FM on Sunday July 14th at 6:30 pm.  Part One replays on Sunday, July 7 on Radio Chronicles at 6:30 PM on KPFA.   So mark your calendars.

Both Part One and Part Two are fascinating stand alone stories as they recount the on-going fight for fairness and justice by one single older woman against the greedy bankers, a theme often repeated in American history for over a century now.

You can listen to our broadcast of her heroic, gripping and charming tales at the times listed above or find the program online at your leisure by going to and clicking ARCHIVES and then hit the date and time of the original broadcast. The program is produced by Jill Montgomery and Nina Serrano.

Listen and enjoy!

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