Lourdes Portillo Interview

Lourdes Portillo, International Filmmaker

Interviewing Lourdes Portillo was a great pleasure. We are very old friends and played an important role in each other’s lives as co-directors of the prize winning film “After the Earthquake / Despues del terremoto.” Over the years we have kept in contact, with some lapses that lasted years. I wanted to find out about how her career evolved. In our interview, Lourdes described most her films, film by film, sharing her experiences and how she went about making the films. Each one was its own journey but each one expressed the unique and remarkable honesty and straightforwardness of Lourdes. We discussed her films in the order she made them, starting with After the Earthquake / Despues del terremoto, then Las Madres: Mothers of the Plaza de Mayo, The Devil Never Sleeps, Columbus on Trial, Corpus: A Home Movie for Selena, Señorita Extraviada, Oral Histories for the American Film Institute, and her most recent animation film, Abu’s Dream.

Nina Serrano and Lourdes Portillo zoom image
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