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Publishing the Story of Ethel and Julius Rosenberg

Video interview with Nina Serrano and Paul Richards

Publishing the Story of Ethel and Julius Rosenberg

Julieta Kusnir interviews Nina Serrano and Paul Richards about the publishing The Story of Ethel and Julius Rosenberg in book and ebook form by Estuary Press. The play was originally written and performed in 1976 about the famous atomic spy case of the 1950s, which sent Ethel and Julius Rosenberg to the electric chair. Now, forty years later, the play, a courtroom and prison drama, is now experiences a revival with new 21st century performances in Texas and Toronto, Canada, which prompted the publication.

The new volume includes the original 1976 script by Nina Serrano, Paul Richards and Judith Binder; and the 2016 revised script by Jacob Justice, of Bryan, Texas. The book’s publication is occasioned the authors’ excitement over the Canadian production taking place in Toronto in November, 2018, produced by the Jewish Community Theatre company, Teatron, at the Toronto Center for the Arts.

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In the video interview, the authors invite school theater departments, community and professional theater companies to consider producing the play. It has become shockingly clear that the Rosenberg’s story is more relevant than ever.

The book is easily available on Amazon.com.

“The shame, if we die, will dishonor this generation, and pervade history until future Americans recapture the heritage of truth, justice and equality before the law.”

Ethel and Julius Rosenberg

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