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Five Poems About The Nature of Love

Nina Serrano’s Poems from Heart Strong

Nina Serrano, 2014, from The Nature of Love
Nina Serrano, 2014, from The Nature of Love

Poems about The Nature of Love

These poems just had to be recorded. They investigate life’s most important theme: love.  As a child I was told that “God is Love” and that seems to have stuck in my psyche.  This selection of love poems from my 2014 Pen Oakland award winning book Heart Strong is a celebration of love while exploring it’s nature.   If you are lucky and live long enough, heart break eventually fades, and love can become much stronger in you and more steadfast. My three books in the Heart Suite trilogy follow the heart from Heart Songs, to Heart’s Journey to Heart Strong.

This video presents live performances of five poems about love from Heart Strong, Selected Poems 2000-2012 by Nina Serrano. The video created by Paul Richards with production assistance by Eileen McGregor and includes the music of Kirk McNaught and Randy Shapiro, for which I am very grateful.  Shot in Ft. Bragg, California in the foggy summer of 2014, it features these poems: The Nature of Love, Lost, Final Words, Splendid Summer (octo), and Fearless Love.  Heart Strong is available as an eBook and paperback.

I hope you enjoy the video. Please let me know what you think.

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